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Amazon's helmsman Jeff Bezos took to a stage on Thursday to announce the company's refreshed Kindle lineup. While Bezos focused mostly on the tablet side of things, he did have some good news for those of us who still like to read: the front-lit Kindle Paperwhite.
I've spent a week (and some change) playing around with Barnes & Noble's latest. The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight adds a feature that before was relegated to the side business of e-reader peripherals: a lit screen so you can read at night. It's a simple change, but it makes all the difference.
The Witching Season is upon us, when things go bump in the night and every shadow hides unspeakable terror. You know what helps me get into the spirit of the season? Reading some classic horror stories by the masters, back when horror meant true terror and not just some guy chasing co-eds in a hockey mask. Best of all, each story on this list is public domain and can be found throughout the internet for easy downloading onto your favorite e-reader. In other words, for free.
Don't misconstrue, but I go both ways — I'm a bi e-reader user. My e-book reading odyssey began with the Kindle. Then I started using the Kindle app on my iPhone. I then moved to the second generation Kindle, then to the Kindle and iBook apps on the iPad. I have now returned to a dedicated e-reader, the new Kobo eReader Touch Edition, switching with the Kindle and the iPad Kindle app where I have most of my unread books. As soon as I finish reading my pending Kindle books, I believe I will stay with Kobo. While not exactly typical, I believe I'm not alone in my tablet v. dedicated e-book reader vacillation.