DSLRs stories

DSLRs are the fanciest type of digital camera you can get, often costing many thousands of dollars. Pinhole cameras are the most basic and cheap form of photography out there, requiring just a pinhole and some film. And now a body cap for DSLRs combines the two.
HD video shooting came to DSLR cameras a couple of years ago, but that feature has been improving and appearing in cameras at lower and lower price points. Case in point: the Nikon D3100, which is the first DSLR to be able to auto-focus while shooting 1080p video. And it costs just $700. Wow.
Digital SLR cameras for advanced users cling to the traditional design of pro cameras. But now designers are taking liberties with that staid tradition, and they've made it easier to use, angling the bottom away from the user's face.