dslr stories

Unless you're a camera nut (like me), most DSLRs will either look the same to you or are too expensive to even consider. Canon's new T4i camera attempts to differentiate by adding a touchscreen to make it easy for smartphone camera shooters to make the leap to a DSLR.
If you're really into photography, you probably have a DSLR camera and a few lenses for it. But what if you want to shoot video? Well, you may have a DSLR that shoots HD video, in which case you're set. If not, Sony is prepping a camcorder that can use DSLR lenses.
DSLR cameras are pretty bulky devices, what with their detachable lenses and serious image sensors. But not this one, the Mini Model Camera. It's just 1/6th the size of your standard DSLR. It even comes with a set of detachable lenses!