drugs stories

Not all of us are clever enough to jump into a fridge when we see a nuke heading our way. Post-nuke, then, we're left with two options: succumbing to radiation sickness, or morphing into radiation zombies. A new medication called Ex-RAD now presents a third option, which is to take it and then be just fine afterwards.
Allergies are stupid. They're your immune system's way of being dramatic for no reason, and the side effects often induce misery, and sometimes, death. Existing medications can treat the symptoms, but what you really want to do is stop the reaction from triggering in the first place, and a new designer molecule can do that.
Tetris came out in 1984 in Russia and was introduced to the world soon after. Since then, tons of gorgeously complex games have been developed that we love, and yet Tetris is still engaging in spite of its relative simplicity. How has something so basic continued to hold our interest over the years?
Ingesting electronics tends to be a bad idea. They don't taste good (except for Android phones) and they can cause issues, uh, later on. Or so I hear. From a friend. These pills, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be eaten, and they operate from inside your body, transmitting medical data straight to your phone.
Listen up, kids: any problem you'll ever have, ranging all from being fat to (now) being lazy, can be effortlessly be solved by taking drugs. Don't want to exercise? Just inject yourself with some of this new hormone, and you'll be on your way to the gym before you can say "recombinant human erythropoietin!"