driving stories

Dogs can do all sorts of amazing things from leading the blind, to sniffing out drugs, but now it looks like they may soon take over behind the wheel too. Best of all, unlike those robotic Google drivers, these guys will shower you with doggie kisses when you get to your destination.
This post will never serve as an excuse for you to drive drunk, but it could make you think about not going anywhere when you're feeling under the weather (which could also be a pretty good excuse to just game all day). A new study finds that driving while sick is easily comparable to driving after having four double-whiskeys.
On this lovely Labor Day, if you're off from work, we encourage you to spend time with your family and friends. What kind of memories can you create? One controversial video is going viral: the one where a dad in China lets his four-year-old daughter take the car through traffic and not kill anybody.
Until we get the robot cars we've been waiting for, sleeping and driving just don't mix. The Anti Sleep Pilot is a gadget that lives on your dashboard and does its level best to keep you awake and safe while you're behind the wheel.