Dr. Who stories

Sure, you've seen a floppy drive make music before. In fact, we've even brought you floppy drive music from this very creator. Now MrSolidSnake745 is back and his latest work is cool times two — it's friggin' floppy drives (the dodo of the computer world) and it's Doctor Who.
In recent years the U.K. has experienced a true revival of the nation's high-profile sci-fi export, Doctor Who, the human time travelin' alien who is almost always upstaged by what could be legitimately tagged as the first Borg — Daleks. Now the mutant-robot-halfbreeds are getting a bit of the star treatment in London.
Attention, Dr. Who fans: there's an official Sonic Screwdriver Wii controller coming, one fully licensed and signed off on by BBC Worldwide. Designed to be used with the upcoming Dr. Who: Return to Earth being released for the Wii this Winter, it's a lovingly detailed little accessory that'll go perfectly with that Dalek model you have next to your couch.