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After writer Victor Pemberton created the sonic screwdriver in a 1968 serial of Doctor Who, Fury from the Deep, the tool has become an iconic part of the Doctor's arsenal alongside the time-traveling TARDIS. It's something of a wonder tool, able to open locks as well as perform repairs using ultrasonic waves, and now some engineers are saying it could actually be made.
After being on television for almost 40 years, it's no wonder Doctor Who's fanbase is so large. Beyond all that sweet time traveling, though, are the cool gadgets. Seriously, the Doctors are like time-bending Bat-men, and the new gadgets for 2010 run from "hey, that's actually practical" to full-on geeky gadget bliss. The best part? Some of them you can actually buy! Oh, and hey, the gift-giving holidays are upon us — convenient.
If you're a fan of Doctor Who, you have, guaranteed, at some point fantasized of building your own full-size Dalek to ride around in. But it's a daunting task — how do you even know where to start? Try here: the official plans for building your own Dalek, straight from the BBC.