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Daily readers will know that we have a love-hate relationship with 3D and the growing availability of glasses-free 3D gadgets. While it's certainly great to not have to don dorky eyewear, 3D on glasses-free devices have a limited field of view. LG's 20-inch 3D display solves that issue with a eye-tracking.
By hooking a Kinect sensor up to one of those funky spherical Pufferfish displays, the Technology Studio in the UK has built itself a desktop version of the unblinking Eye of Sauron, which follows you around with its gaze. It's almost creepy enough to make you want to turn invisible.
Your fancy 3D TV is really a far cry from 3D, only giving you two slightly different viewpoints of a single, flat scene to create the illusion of depth and being able to see around corners. A new system that uses multiple projectors and fog displays full color 3D images that you can walk all the way around.