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Gigapixel photography has emerged as an affordable and effective way to make absurdly detailed high resolution images, but to really immerse yourself in a gigapixel image, you need two things: an imposingly large display wall, and a second gigapixel image to render the whole thing in stereo 3D. We found this combination at Siggraph, and it's epic.
I can tell that your posture is absolutely terrible. I know you're slouching thanks to this pair of high-powered binoculars I have right here. (And put some pants on — have you no shame?). That said, I'm getting tired of checking up on every last one of you in person, which is why Philips has developed this new anti-slouch monitor.
As awful as paper is to use, it still has some things going for it: it's thin, it's light, and it can be folded into complex structures that predict the future. Instead of trying to cram paper books into digital e-readers, we should instead force our digital content to behave more like paper, and this prototype foldable touchscreen is exactly how it should happen.