disney stories

If you walked into a Disneyland building and saw flying dragon, you'd probably assume that some wirework and robotics were responsible. But if you then stepped outside, looked up at the night sky and saw a flying, fire-breathing dragon, then you might start worrying.
At SIGGRAPH 2012, there's an entire room dedicated to Emerging Technologies. "Emerging" might be a bit hasty: most of the stuff on display here is so new and bizarre that nobody has any idea what to do with it. If anything, this only adds to the awesomeness, and one of the weirdest things on display (by far) was this system from Disney research for tactile interaction with cyborg plants.
If you've never been, one of the greatest Star Wars gift shops in the world is actually in Disney World. It's right there waiting for you as you walk off of Star Tours. Said awesome gift shop is about to get a little awesomer with a build-a-bear-style kiosk that'll let you customize your very own astromech droid.