Diseases stories

With science reaching the lofty heights it has, creating more mosquitoes was the only thing left to do. That's what researchers at John Hopkins Malaria Research Institute did: genetically engineered the Anopheles mosquito's own immune system to block the transmission of the malaria-causing parasite into humans.
We've already seen laser systems that can target and shoot down mosquitoes, and we'll be honest: it's hard to beat an anti-bug battle laser. A new technique based on lasers and infrared light might be a slightly more realistic way of keeping mosquitoes at bay without having to zap each and every one.
Rabies is a potentially fatal virus carried by mammals. You can get it from being bitten or licked by an infected animal, no matter how cute, and last month, a soldier in Afghanistan died from a dog bite. The Pentagon is fighting back with this series of posters warning deployed troops about the dangers of cute animals.