design stories

Architects Joshua Bolchover and John Lin's Rural Urban Framework (RUFWORK) project seeks to "engage in the rural-urban transformation of China." The team constructed a self-sufficient rural farm house that has been designed to provide natural ventilation, collect rain water, and create power from pig feces.
As RFID technology continues to permeate nearly every faucet of how we pay for things, a subculture of hacking the platform has emerged and given rise to a number of interesting dynamics. A popular trend in the UK revolves around hacking into the country's transit system smart card and making wearable access devices with the RFID chips.
The upcoming London Olympics will feature a number of events in which the winning result will be determined by speed and accuracy. Now a design student has used 3D technology to offer a solution that might help athletes shave off a few crucial milliseconds at the finish line.