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Despite Apple's reputation for high-than-average prices and attention to fit and finish, the late Steve Jobs, a billionaire, was known for avoiding any outward trappings of wealth. But toward the end of this life he reportedly indulged in one guilty pleasure, a massive super yacht, which just made its public debut in Europe.
Although we'd never encourage overindulging in the drinking of fine spirits, it is curious that more tech hasn't been devised to help out the hardcore partiers among us. Now, one designer has come up with a solution that could help the inebriated get home via shoe-based GPS.
Architects Joshua Bolchover and John Lin's Rural Urban Framework (RUFWORK) project seeks to "engage in the rural-urban transformation of China." The team constructed a self-sufficient rural farm house that has been designed to provide natural ventilation, collect rain water, and create power from pig feces.