design stories

The record industry has suffered its fair share of setbacks, most notably the disruption of the business due to digital music files. But many audiophiles and music purists continue to cherish their vinyl collections. For those old school souls, a new promotion offers a cool bit of innovation that allows you to create your own, playable records at home, out of ice.
The obsession with all things Lego is something that transcends age and nationality, but no amount of Lego interest can replace visiting one of the theme parks dedicated to the iconic toy. Now one of those locations will offer another level of the Lego experience via a new hotel dedicated to its colorful aesthetic.
Spiders, especially the big ones, can be creepy, right? But what if there was such a thing as a giant, flying spider? Now what if that giant, flying spider had the intelligence of say, a low-level robot? That would be a nightmare, right? Well, friends, some nightmares come true. Introducing, the Hexapod Quadcopter.
Outside of some of the more hurricane-prone areas, owning waterfront property is one of the most coveted and expensive real estate propositions out there. But in Sweden a pair of siblings decided to try an innovative, budget-conscious to owning waterfront property by building a solar-powered, floating room.
If you're a fan of Michael Jackson or just love a good glove, we want to know what you think about this odd design by Wang Lili. Love it? Hate it? We've got more details about Lili's 'Night Communication' concept to help you make up your mind.
Many of us live in places with extreme seasonal temperature changes. How well your house stands up to the weather plays a role in your comfort level throughout the year. What if there was a house that could change shape to accommodate different weather conditions, time changes, sunrise, sunset, and everything else?
Frequent international travelers know that the inability to pronounce street addresses in the local language can result in hours of lost wandering around an unfamiliar city. So, since those smartphone translation apps are still a little buggy, a pair of designers decided to come up with another tech enabled but practical solution.