Design Concepts stories

What happens when two countries are next to each other, and cars drive on the left side of the road in one of the countries, and the right side of the road the other? That's the case in Hong Kong and Macau, so creative designers found a way to ease the transition. Enter the Pearl River Necklace bridge.
Who cares if we're going to be old men and women by 2050? Designer Felipe Palermo says we'll be driving a Mercedes Arrow like this one. By then, he thinks public transportation (and maybe hydrogen-powered airliners?) will have taken over the job of getting us from one place to another, so this little recreational MAGLEV rocket's only job will be to provide moments of sheer joy and exhilaration.
Ten years from now, flexible OLED touchscreens will be commonplace. Here's a design concept that incorporates that technology in a most delightful way. Designer Hiromi Kiriki taps Sony for this spectacular wrist computer that does just about anything full-sized computers can do today.
Digital SLR cameras for advanced users cling to the traditional design of pro cameras. But now designers are taking liberties with that staid tradition, and they've made it easier to use, angling the bottom away from the user's face.