Dell stories

Michael Dell just teased a new Android-based tablet, one that's 7 inches diagonal and looks to be a long-rumored device known as "Looking Glass." There aren't a lot of details available on the specs of this thing, but one assumes it'll have a multitouch display and guts that'll let it compete head-to-head with the iPad.
Now what do we have here? It's the new Dell Duo, which looks like a normal 10-inch netbook until you notice that the screen rotates around to turn it into a tablet. You simply swivel it around within its frame to make the transformation. It's certainly one of the more interesting computer designs we've seen in a while.
Leaks from an internal Dell announcement reveal the company is getting ready to unleash its Streak line of tablets (probably not the best name — smudge much?) in two different flavors. There will be the larger 10-inch Streak that'll go...