daft punk stories

You might think that hiring Daft Punk is enough to make a film sound futuristic and "computery." But the makers of Tron Legacy actually faced the same tricky problem that the creators of the original film did: how do you decide what an entirely virtual universe set "inside" silicon computer chips should sound like? Go too natural, and it won't immerse viewers in a unique world; skew too synthetic, and the audience will laugh their way to the exits. Luckily, Disney had enough sense to trust the film's sound design to the alpha geeks at Skywalker Sound, who spent two years sampling everything from vintage synthesizers to real-world motorcycles to create Tron's signature audio effects. (They also got pretty tight with Daft Punk while they were at it.) The brain trust spoke to DVICE to give an inside look at how they updated the soundscape of Tron for 21st century audiences.