Crime stories

If you're one of the thousands of New Yorkers who have found nada searching for a store-stocked iPad mini, only to be met with disappointing claims of "sold out" or promises that it's "on the way," consumer demand might not be the reason for the shortage: Apple recently suffered a major iPad-jacking at JFK airport.
Proving there's nothing wrong with looking good while fighting crime, new woven polyester fabrics containing a network of conductive threads connected to a built-in microcontroller will sound the alarm if cut or penetrated. The smart fabrics will not only alert authorities, but it can provide an exact location of the problem.
Every day, new technology is being developed to make criminal activities more difficult. From predicting crime before it happens to reading minds to new crime scene investigation tools, future criminals are going to have a difficult time getting away with anything. Here's a list of technology that will help fight crime in the future — maybe even the near-future.