Cool stories

Individuals with dyslexia, which is one in ten people according to the International Dyslexia Association, have an understandably difficult time with most web pages. Since most pages are text-based, those with dyslexia have a harder time processing them. So Aberlardo Gonzalez decided to create a free font to change this.
Though it might mean the end of refrigerator magnets as we know them, a student at Massey University has created a concept for a refrigerator that doesn't have a door. In addition, it doesn't refrigerate when it's empty (or in the places where it's empty, which will make more sense in a moment). It's cleverly energy efficient and up for the International Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award.
This massive touchscreen fulfills all our Star Trek-inspired fantasies of how control panels should work. Called the Töken, the panel is a high-tech DJ mixing board whose purpose is to take live performances to the "next level."