convergence stories

Sony and Google TV have finally fulfilled a 30-year-old search for a successful convergence of the TV and the PC. And while the Sony Internet TV powered by Google (the official mouthful of a name) runs on Android, the OS looks and acts nothing like Android does on a smartphone, and bears only a passing resemblance to current connected TV interfaces. It could completely change the way you watch TV — in a good way.
Google TV promises to finally, completely, really, once and for all unite Internet video and what most people think of as "TV" into one seamless interface. The first Google TV product, unveiled today, is the Logitech Revue. It looks pretty much the same as a host of other so-called media receivers, but works differently, and in some pretty impressive ways.
"Hobby," my ass. As expected, Steve Jobs poked out of his magic turtleneck and presented us more cooler-than-thou iPods. And they are really cool. Regardless, today's big news is for a product Steve Jobs once famously referred to as a hobby: Apple TV. Far from being an afterthought, the new Apple TV is a big deal, and it sets the stage for a future Apple product — an actual HDTV.
The latest rumors about the next version of Apple TV — Apple's wildly unpopular attempt to integrate the iTunes ecosystem on televisions — are in. Some say it'll be a stripped-down box running the iPhone's iOS software, while others predict an actual TV, wirelessly connected to iTunes content. Which makes more sense?