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The Delta Six is a gun controller that promises to make first-person shooters a whole lot more literal. Joining Kickstarter on Friday, the gun controller will be compatible with current consoles (sub the Wii U in for the Wii) and even the Ouya. An $89 pledge will net you your very own Delta Six.
From Pong to Super Mario Bros. to Halo to Call of Duty, video games have pulled players into virtual worlds for over 30 years and even though the video game consoles of today can render worlds and characters with such incredible detail, how we interact with those games has evolved to a great extent. In light of the new Wii U controller that Nintendo unveiled at this year's E3, we've put together this guide that highlights all of the significant innovations that have led to the creation of today's modern home console controllers. Follow on through for 23 controller innovations that changed gaming — most of the time for better, but sometimes for worse.