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With all the talk about a next-gen Xbox rising to the surface, it's only fitting that Joseph Dumary, designer of the PlayStation concept took a stab at conceptualizing Microsoft's next console. It's quite a wild imagining, even specs will definitely not make the cut for the 360's successor, but imaginative nonetheless.
We don't know which car company was the first to decide that it might be kind of fun to give their designers a giant pile of cash to take their futuristic visions and make them real, but boy are we glad that they did. Somehow, a precedent was set where every year, every company now tries to outdo themselves with wild concepts that show what we might be driving in the future. Long, low and lean was definitely in this year, while b-pillars were nowhere to be found. Of course, lack of vital structural components means that the vast majority of these cars can't be driven anywhere (not legally, anyway), but worrying about safety and practicality goes totally against everything that concept cars are about. And that's why we love them so much. In the gallery below, check out fifteen wild concept cars from the 2011 LA Auto Show.
Since the release of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography, the notion that the late CEO "finally cracked" how to revolutionize the TV industry has resurfaced. The Apple TV/iTV rumors are stronger than ever, backed by powerful sources such as The New York Times. Apple rumormongers aren't expecting a Siri-powered iTV until at least 2013, but that doesn't mean artists can't start drawing up concept renders in advance to start the drool machines. Clearly drawing on inspiration from the Thunderbolt Displays, Guilherme Schasiepen's iTV concept is so Apple-like that it almost looks like a real product.