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This concept (from NASA and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) is called AMELIA, which stands for Advanced Model for Extreme Lift and Improved Aeroacoustics. There are two relevant bits there: "extreme lift" and "improved aeroacoustics," and both of these things come from mounting jet engines on top of the aircraft's wing instead of underneath.
Designer Jeong Jaewan's UFO phone concept may look like an ordinary cellphone while at rest, but it's actually got a bending and folding modular body that unlocks all kinds of goodies. It also makes clever use of a technology that you could have in a smartphone very soon, too: in-phone projectors.
Aerospace companies and NASA have been exploring lots of different ways to deal with sonic booms, and most of their designs are similar: long, skinny aircraft with pointy noses designed to "mitigate" the noise problem. Researchers at Tohoku University are trying a completely different and awesomely retro-futuristic idea: a supersonic biplane that eliminates sonic booms entirely.
Last year's Evolo Skyscraper competition brought us such crazy conceptual buildings as the Ferris Wheel recycling center and the lightning bolt harvesting Hydra tower, and the 2012 competition has taken that nuttiness, cracked it open, and injected a gigantic extra helping of nuts right in the center.