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Back in 2000, then-President Clinton convened a panel of leading oceanographers and explorers. That panel ultimately produced a report entitled "Discovering Earth's Final Frontier". What they actually developed, outlined in that document, was the world's first and only national strategy for the exploration of the world's oceans. What might this now defunct panel have dreamed for near-future America? Might we have ventured en masse into this vast, unpopulated frontier? Could we have set up homesteads, townships and colonies in a whole new wave (you're welcome) of manifest destiny? Could we have established a fleet of exploration vessels and colonial enterprises — a modern-day, sea-faring Starfleet? Could we still? Here are 12 sea-faring designs and concepts capable of taking us home — to the sea.
We've always appreciated Airbus' no-holds-barred approach for imagining the future of air travel, with machinations like its spectacularly improbable concept plane. But future air travel involves much more than just the planes themselves: it starts before take-off and ends after landing, and could be substantially faster, more comfortable and better for the environment than it is now. Here are five ways in which Airbus is working to make air travel better for everyone, including the planet, by 2050. And stick around after the gallery to check out a video of some of these concepts in action.
So you wake up one day, turn on the TV… and it doesn't work. Fine. You grab your smartphone next — no service. Odd. You dig out the ol' reliable crank radio from your disaster-preparedness kit (you do have one of those don't you?), and that's when you find out: someone's finally gone and pressed the big red button. The world as you know it is gone, and the grid has gone with it. The last radio reports you hear, before they're cut off, are of roving bands of bandits heading into the cities to loot, pillage and generally cause a ruckus. Awesome. You live in the city. Your best bet on survival is to get moving, and to keep it that way. Never fear, chums: DVICE has you covered. Here are 12 mobile living concepts for your fabulous new nomadic lifestyle.
Designing the perfect aircraft is impossible. For takeoff and landing (arguably the most important parts of flying), you want something with wide, broad wings. But to fly fast and efficiently, you want wings that are swept back and as small as possible. Variable sweep wings are a compromise, but this concept (just funded by NASA) proposes something, um, different.