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Designer Daniel Dobrogorsky envisions a future where no matter where you are or the scale of the emergency, medical teams will be able to get to your location in 60 seconds. How? By flying around in a single-seater VTOL jet, the nose of which opens up to serve as a stretcher. He calls this life-saving vehicle the Skyway.
Concept designs are often interesting and fun peeks into what inventors and designers have in store for us in the future. But it's rare that we see a major CEO so excited about a possible product from another company that he develops a concept design and strategy for it. It's rare, but that's what just happened to Apple's long-rumored smart television.
Monday, Apple experienced its biggest corporate shakeup since the late Steve Jobs first handed the reigns over to Tim Cook. Most notably, Scott Forstall, the man some blame for the Maps debacle, is out. But another appointment, Jonathan Ive as the new director of Human Interface, could mean the end of Apple's addiction to skeuomorphic software interfaces.