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Today, it's hard to think of computers as more than a collection of advanced microchips and the like — processors, RAM, flash storage and graphics cards, for example. Like a river, the flow of technology that has led us to the modern computing architecture we use today came from some several often overlooked sources — the proverbial "stones that divert the river." These are the unsung heroes of our technological past, with a few predictions sprinkled in there for good measure. Click on the gallery below to get this journey started.
In this age of laptops and tablets and smartphones, there's a good chance a lot of folks wouldn't know where to stick something like NZXT's USB Bunker. Ten years ago, though, I would have loved something like this when I went to a LAN party where I didn't know everyone.
Intel's big announcement at CES is their new Sandy Bridge architecture. Without getting too far into the technical side, the important thing about this is the addition of graphics processing onto the main CPU itself. It may sound like a simple upgrade, but it could change the way we all do a lot of things with our computers.