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Did you know you can make a simple computer out of a swarm of soldier crabs? I sure didn't, and I'll bet you a fresh seafood dinner that the crabs themselves had no idea either. But some enterprising researchers from Japan have shown that it is possible to make a crabputer. Practical? Maybe not so much.
I can tell that your posture is absolutely terrible. I know you're slouching thanks to this pair of high-powered binoculars I have right here. (And put some pants on — have you no shame?). That said, I'm getting tired of checking up on every last one of you in person, which is why Philips has developed this new anti-slouch monitor.
Still life art has been popular for centuries. Groupings of every day objects, sometimes so realistically rendered they seem to jump off the canvas. This art form has now been reinvented for a modern generation by injecting a dose of DIY geekery to create a 4D still life users can actually interact with.