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Protecting the accounts of users is a huge point of concern across the Internet, but the gaming industry may have just caught a break. The PUFFIN Project (physically unclonable functions found in standard PC components) has brought forward research suggesting that GPU manufacturing processes leave each product with a unique "fingerprint."
The best thing about USB is that it completely did away with a big tangled pile of proprietary data-and-power connectors that we used to have to rely on to power our gadgets. That was a huge step forward for humanity, but the scourge of proprietary connectors remains in th form of laptop power cords. The next generation of USB might take care of that, too.
Eventually, the universe is going to die. It's not going to be soon, but it's going to happen, and when it does, our top priority should definitely be to have a computer that can survive it. Theoretical physicists have speculated that we can do this with something called a time crystal, and they may have just figured out how to actually make one.