We're still not totally sold on the technology behind the E-Cat dirt cheap eco-friendly fully operational household cold fusion thing, mostly because things that seem too good to be true usually turn out to be exactly that way. But whether we believe it or not, household systems reportedly may be available in Home Depot later this year.
On Friday, we told you about a potentially revolutionary new technology that was about to undergo its first trial in Italy: called the E-Cat, it supposedly combines hydrogen and nickel using a catalyst to generate heat (and electricity) without any radiation or carbon emissions. So, has society been revolutionized over the weekend? Not quite.
Today in Italy, a new energy technology called the E-Cat is undergoing its first independent test of energy output. The E-Cat supposedly uses low-energy nuclear reactions to produce massive amounts of cheap and clean power, and if it works, it could completely revolutionize our entire society. If it works.