Clothing stories

Anyone who grew up reading comic books, was probably tempted to splurge a buck of their lawn mowing money on a pair of those X-ray specs advertised in the back. While any hope of seeing under people's clothes was quickly dashed once you tried them on, now there's a solution that actually works.
The randomized patterns of camouflage tricks the brain into thinking a person or object has blended into its surroundings, and to date we've seen it customized for various seasons or regions. A big problem however is the patterns have never really been created for exact environments. Now, a software design firm has developed a method for making site-specific camouflage
We've all got closets full of dumb clothing. I say "dumb" because it doesn't do anything, you just put on however much of it you need to be comfortable. The U.S. Army has had it with all these stupid bulky heavy layers of clothes, and wants someone to go out and invent something smarter.
Colombia Sportswear has come up with a new type of clothing that can actively cool itself, and you, when it gets wet. It's got some kind of fancy chemical that chills down when exposed to moisture, to the point where if you use enough of it, you can potentially freeze yourself.