Chrome stories

Google announced their stripped-down Chrome OS a while ago, but just today they unveiled some new Chromebooks that are designed from the ground up to run the netbook OS. It talked about rental Chromebooks for students, but what about those for people who want to own their computers.
The rise of so-called "Content Farms," websites with thousands of low-quality articles aimed at getting into your Google search results, has resulted in finding reliable information via Google becoming harder and harder. Now, thanks to a new Google-made Chrome extension, you can block content farms from showing up in your search results ever again.
One of the more unsettling developments in recent internet history is that advertisers now semi-secretly track you, in great detail, across all websites. It's creepy! But if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can now block that from happening.
Google is onto something. Not only does the company lure us into trusting it with our entire digital lives, but now it is giving away the secrets of the Intarwebs, and in particular, the Chrome browser. That's right, it all...