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In the totally heated race for the longest bus in the world, China has fallen behind. China recently unveiled an 82-foot long bus (which is insane), and Dresden decided to go ahead and top it. The city just test drove the Autotram Extra Grand, a 30 meter long bus. That's about 90 feet.
You've got to give credit to China: when it decides to do something, it really pulls out all the stops. Just a month after throwing house party for its brand new space station, China has announced that it's planning to send a lander and a rover to the Moon by the end of next year.
Earlier today, China's Shenzhou 9 spacecraft successfully docked with the Tiangong 1 ("Heavenly Palace") unmanned test module in Earth orbit. Three Chinese astronauts (or "taikonauts") entered the module, making China only the third country on Earth to perform a manned docking in space.
Sometime this month, China will be sending three taikonauts up to the Heavenly Palace, aka the Tiangong-1 space station module, to perform a manual docking and some science experiments. One of these taikonauts will also be China's first woman in space, and she'll smell great.
We were impressed by the guts it took to knockoff an Apple Store, but this time the Chinese have definitely raised the bar on "recreating" originals. China has successfully cloned an entire village, recreating the scenic village of Hallstatt, Austria in a location of the same name about one hour outside of Huizhou in the Guangdong Province.