chess stories

Kenneth Marx made his first chess set from discarded spark plugs when he was a college student working at a gas station. Now retired, Marx has returned to his hobby and you can buy his custom creations here for $275 each.
Oh St. Louis, you already have the Arch, do you really need to have the world's largest chess piece too? Well, apparently so because this 2,280-pound, 14.5-foot tall behemoth was dedicated outside the World Chess Hall of Fame on May 7, 2012. Now St. Louis is not only the Gateway to the West, but also the chess capital of the United States. Show offs.
It's hard to decide what makes the "Monster Chess" set so monster. Is it the fact that it measure 12 feet on a side, and would take up your entire living room? Or how about the fact that it uses 100,000 LEGO pieces which, all told, add up to a hefty fee of $30,000?