charging stories

Seeing as we don't yet have ultracapacitors in our electric cars that can recharge themselves in seconds or minutes that would make refueling comparable to gasoline, the only reliable way to get a hot n' fresh stack of batts looks to be these robotic battery swapping stations.
Today, we don't just use standard outlets to plug in our electronics for the precious energy they need so badly. No, a good chunk of our gadgets, especially of the portable variety, charge via USB. And that's all well and good when you're sitting at your computer, but what about when you're not?
Most of us spend far too much time sitting on our duffs either watching TV, playing video games, or simply wasting time online. If only there was a way that forced us to exercise before we could get our tech fix. That's the idea behind the E-Rope, a battery charging jump rope concept that can juice up four AA rechargeable batteries with about 20 minutes of high-energy exercise.