CES 2012 stories

As you read this, the DVICE crew has spread out onto trains, planes and automobiles for our ports of call. Here we say farewell to the nights huddling in hotel hallway corners hunting down the barest Wi-Fi signal, eating only once a day and digging up the craziest and most impressive concepts we physically could. We'll have more thoughts on the show soon — and probably a few more concepts that are hiding out in the depths of our hard drives — but for now here's this sweet gallery while my in-flight Wi-Fi is behaving.
Usually, we find just one or two things at CES every year that get us really, really stoked about the future. Last year it was Samsung's beautiful bendable displays, but this year, we were starting to worry that nothing would hit it out of the park. And then we tried Tobii's eye tracking computer interface system, and as Kevin so eloquently puts it: OMGWOW.