ces 2011 stories

Motorola's long anticipated unveiling of the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, now dubbed the Xoom, along with the introduction of its first 4G dual core 1 GHz + 1 GHz processor phone, the Atrix 4G, might have been trumped by an unexpected and unique accessory: a keyboard/12.1-inch screen/battery dock. By snapping in the Atrix into the rear of the otherwise dumb "dock," you get a 2 GHz 4G-connected notebook PC running Android.
Casio has taken digital camera form factor to its inevitable "why didn't we think of this" conclusion with the Tryx. It's a digital camera that pops out of a frame, enabling it to swivel 360-degrees in both portrait and landscape mode and every way in between. This two-way swivel actually means a multitude of positions and angles, freeing the casual snapper from just pointing and shooting.
In this post-Aron Ralston/127 Hours world, every extreme adventurer will want to carry both an iPhone or an iPod Touch and this Spot Connect, which connects you to the Globalstar satellite phone network. Y'know, unless you want your outdoor adventure to literally cost an arm or a leg!
Microsoft's Kinect system is great for gaming, but the fact that it's (mostly) restricted to being used with an Xbox really sucks. Last night we got our first look at an unchained Kinect-type sensor controlling games on a PC, and it'll likely be coming to a computer near you.
Wireless routers probably waste 99% of their energy broadcasting their signal where your computers aren't, which is why most routers have crappy range. D-Link is introducing a new wireless repeater that doesn't just boost signals, it targets them directly at your wireless antennae for maximum distance and reliability.