ces 2011 stories

The only way to describe the Polaroid's Lady Gaga event is to liken it to an ant farm, because that's exactly how it felt waiting for her fashionably late eyewear announcement. Nonetheless, Gaga fans will recall that a couple of years back, the queen of strange donned a pair of glasses with iPod screens in the place of lenses. Today, Gaga unveiled the Polarez, a Gaga-fied pair of glasses with a built in camera and two screens that will make you look even more ridiculous at your next party.
When you think of a hardcore PC gaming machine — even a portable one — a 7-inch device doesn't really come to mind, ever. Razer, makers of some of the coolest gaming accessories on the planet showed off the Switchblade, a prototype device with a 7-inch multitouch screen that can handle anything your Alienware tower can.