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With NFC wireless payment technology taking its sweet time to integrate itself into anything useful, the market is wide open for some clever new system to save us all from the hassle of having to carry around and use credit cards to pay for stuff. One company has hit on a way to make payments without any fancy hardware, using music only machines can hear.
When you're camping, there's a pretty obvious shortage of power outlets around for you to charge up your gadgets with. But if you bring along the Hatsuden-Nabe, you can juice up your phone using only a campfire.
Despite the Doctor's supposition (Doctor Who, The Stolen Earth) that the bees were led off planet by wavelengths in the Tandocca Scale, it seems the answer is more terrestrial. A new study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology reports that honeybees are "fatally confused by the electromagnetic signals coming out of cellphones."