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When Palm launched the webOS mobile software a couple of years ago, it was generally seen as a pretty solid offering and a good alternative to the iPhone. But since then, HP has bought Palm, and not too many webOS devices have been sold. And today, HP killed the OS off.
Calling a customer service number and being forced to wait on hold is a form of torture. The wasted time, the awful music, the phone bills, it's just a mess. But a new app promises to do all the waiting for you.
AT&T has lagged behind Verizon in getting its 4G LTE network up and running, instead choosing to advertise its 3G network as a 4G network and hope people didn't ask too many questions. But not for much longer! AT&T should have it's first real 4G phone running on its LTE network by the end of the year.
Due to restrictions in the App Store against apps that duplicate the features of Apple's built-in Apps, Google hasn't been allowed to offer up a Gmail app. So instead, they've made the mobile version of Gmail behave as much like an App as they could.