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Although some would have you believe that the worst is over in Japan regarding the Fukushima nuclear crisis, local residents remain concerned about the fragile power plant and the possibility of radiation contamination. To address this, Softbank has released the world's first radiation-detecting smartphone.
Here in the U.S., we're used to getting continually screwed over by our wireless providers. High cost for minimum performance and features is just the name of the game, take it or leave it. A new wireless provider in France has started offering an alternative, in the form of a "dumb pipe" that gives you everything you're getting now and more for just $25 a month.
There's nothing worse than buying a fancy new gadget, covering it in an expensive protective case that makes it unscratchable, and then realizing ten seconds later that somehow it's all scratched up already. A new type of coating is now in commercial production that can repair minor scratches by itself in under 10 seconds.