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As if the iPhone 4 didn't have enough troubles, a mysterious software issue has been plaguing some users. There's a flurry of discussion on the Apple forums about blank email messages appearing on the iPhone that can't be deleted. Even more strange is the date that appears on those messages: December 31, 1969.
A mere six weeks after Microsoft launched its Kin cellphones, they're essentially dead, just as I predicted. What does Microsoft need to know about the ultimate phone for the today's youth? I did an unscientific sample of tech interested teenagers, and found out what they're looking for in a smartphone, and why Microsoft Kin missed that mark.
Between your average utilitarian cellphone and the smartphone, there's a niche market that caters to a younger, social networking crowd. That niche is blowing up right now, spearheaded by the likes of Microsoft's Kin. T-Mobile and Samsung are dropping three more of these phones on consumers: Gravity 3, Gravity T and one simply called the :).