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In a case of David toppling two Goliaths, this week MetroPCS, a nationwide flat-rate prepaid cell carrier that weighs 7.6 million subscribers soaking wet, launched the first LTE market in Las Vegas, beating both AT&T and Verizon to the 4G-network punch. Even though there was no ribbon cutting, the LTE era has begun. What does it all mean?
Have you found it difficult to get used to the iPhone's touchscreen keyboard? Do you long for a physical keyboard with real buttons you can feel with your fingers? Well, this new iPhone case features a flip-out keyboard, giving you what you've been aching for for so long.
For years, you've dreamed of owning a real-deal functioning communicator like the ones they used in Star Trek. And wouldn't you know it, but Nokia was actually working on one. They even made it so far as to build 14 prototypes before scrapping the project. And now one of those prototypes has appeared on eBay.
It's hot outside. You'd love to go swimming. But you have no pool, the public pools are disgusting, the beach is too far away, and you can't afford a private club. What do you do? Get the government to force your neighbor to build a pool, of course. That's what it looks as if the record industry is doing and, by extension, radio broadcasters. The two industries have combined to propose an FM radio be built into every cellphone.