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Remember those small portable TVs you used to carry to ballgames or the beach, the ones where if you moved an iota, the picture went from shaky to snow? Once analog TV broadcasting went away, so did these skittish portable TVs. And once digital television came in, we were supposed to get mobile digital television — MDTV — built into cellphones. So where are our cellphones that receive digital television signals? When? Find out after the jump
Ooh, isn't T-Mobile clever? The company's new MyTouch 4G "piggyback" commercial mocks and borrows the stark white gestalt of Apple's now defunct Justin Long/John Hodgeman "I'm a Mac" commercials. It uses a pretty young thing representing the MyTouch 4G to sympathize with a guy carrying a bigger guy on his back — that's the iPhone saddled with AT&T's over-burdened 3G network. Poor iPhone. T-Mobile's answer, of course, is her, the MyTouch 4G, and its 4G network, which the company hawks as "America's largest 4G network." There's just one problem. T-Mobile's network isn't 4G.
Google's Nexus One was its first foray into selling Android phones directly. It's not clear whether or not Google will try to do the same thing again with the next Nexus, but no matter how it's sold, here's the Nexus S.