cats stories

There are some among us who are so in love with our cats that sometimes leaving the house can be painful. What do they do all day? Did they eat? Are they watching the neighborhood squirrel? The reality is they are probably sleeping, but just in case Mark de Vink has created a DIY wooden cat toy — the Kitty Twitty — that tweets you when your cat plays with it.
So Tron Legacy was a little underwhelming. That's what happens when a movie is so overhyped! It just can't live up to those heightened expectations. But you know what would have taken the movie to the next level? A Tron Cat.
Back in 1940, an engineer at MIT filmed a cat lapping up liquid using a camera and deduced that the curving motion of a cat's tongue was the key, and they were essentially turning it into a spoon. Well, stop holding your breath, folks! The real way cats drink is now known, and it's actually quite interesting.