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If you grew up in the 1960s or 70s before every kid had a gaming system at home, you'll know that must have toy for anyone interested in cars was a slot racing circuit. Now that we're adults, having a slot track in the middle of the living room isn't going to cut it, but you could park this Porsche 917 race car that hides a slot track in your garage.
Unless you drive a tank (in which case you should offer to give me rides to work), no matter how obsessive you are about your car there's always gonna be one thing that you have no control over: flat tires. We've been using air-filled tires for like 150 years and at times they totally blow, so isn't it time for something better? Bridgestone thinks so.
We don't know which car company was the first to decide that it might be kind of fun to give their designers a giant pile of cash to take their futuristic visions and make them real, but boy are we glad that they did. Somehow, a precedent was set where every year, every company now tries to outdo themselves with wild concepts that show what we might be driving in the future. Long, low and lean was definitely in this year, while b-pillars were nowhere to be found. Of course, lack of vital structural components means that the vast majority of these cars can't be driven anywhere (not legally, anyway), but worrying about safety and practicality goes totally against everything that concept cars are about. And that's why we love them so much. In the gallery below, check out fifteen wild concept cars from the 2011 LA Auto Show.
Last month, GM decided that it would be kinda fun to send some journalists from Vermont to Maine in a squad of Chevy Volts. For some reason, they decided that I would be one of those journalists. They couldn't have known that I've been following the Volt for years, from the introduction of the original, awesome concept to the toned-down production model through all the powertrain and battery controversy to the ultimate commercial release. So now that you can actually go out and buy a Chevy Volt, should you? It's a unique type of car: not quite gas, and not quite electric. Or maybe it's both. Either way, we'll be taking you through all 500 miles of our impressions, so let's get started.