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Most people would agree that hybrid cars are generally good for the environment. That's fine and dandy. But if being good for the environment costs money, then all of a sudden going green becomes a lot less appealing. What's more important, saving a couple bucks, or saving the planet from certain doom? Well, good news: now you can do both.
The McLaren F1 has arguably been the embodiment of the word "supercar" since its introduction twenty years ago. Twenty years ago. For two decades it's been hard to match the F1's combination of looks, performance, and sheer exclusivity, but McLaren is about to unveil the F1's successor and heir to the supercar crown: the P1.
This isn't your childhood Hot Wheels slot car track — that was okay when you were a kid. This slot car racing track, built by Slot Mods, is for the big boys and girls. You see, adults don't play with their toy cars on the floor, they race them on top of detailed slot tracks modded on old defunct 1969 Camaros. Welcome to the big leagues, kid!
There are a fair number of Olympic events that involve throwing dangerous objects as far away from you as possible over and over. In the past, it's been the job of some poor sap to go out there and retrieve said objects, but this year, London will be using little remote controlled Mini Coopers instead.