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A team of twelve students at Virginia Tech are taking on an impossible seeming task: how do you design a car that can be driven by the blind? They've got a solution worked out, and with it one day blind drivers may be able to take to the streets independently without any need for assistance.
If there's one thing we don't need more of on the road right now, it's distractions. Yet a group in San Francisco is looking into the possibility of slapping digital license plates on cars. Rather than simply display your plate number on a sweet, scrolling marquee, the plates would display ads. Ads for other drivers to read.
You thought this was a solid gold Porsche, didn't you? Your eyes have deceived you, dear reader, because this is nothing but a glorified bicycle with an intricately crafted replica body placed on top. Clad in mylar like a lunar lander, its ultralight body is shaped exactly like a Porsche GT3.
Those ambitious Turks in Istanbul must be planning to sell a lot of cars. They're building the gigantic Autopia Europia auto mall, the biggest in the world, giving you a full race track on top to test cars before you drive one home.