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In a top secret room, Olympus gave us a preview of its new flagship PEN cameras. We weren't given any free sandwiches at the briefing, but we did walk away with a hunger — for the EP-3's lightning fast autofocus, dual-core image processing, gorgeous 3-inch OLED touchscreen and live filter effect features. The timeless stainless steel PEN design inspired by the film PENs from the 1960s only sweetens the deal.
The Lytro is a revolutionary new camera that doesn't need you to fiddle around with stuff like focus, zooming, focal points or any other such settings. Instead, it takes in a boatload of information and then lets you tweak it after the fact.
The 1,700 pound sensor that makes up the wide-angle eye of the VLT Survey Telescope (aka VST) is exactly like the sensor in your digital camera. Except, you know, bigger. A lot bigger. We're talking an array of 32 individual CCD sensors that together take 268 megapixels worth of images of outer space. Meet OmegaCam.