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The Matrix came out in 1999. That's twelve freakin' years ago. Back then, the "bullet time" time-slice filming technique was brand new, but as CGI has taken over, it seems like bullet-time has faded away over the last decade. Except, apparently, for surfing. And bullet-time surfing is awesome.
Beginners and casual picture takers use cheap point-and-shoot cameras. Professional photographers use DSLRs that run in the thousands with lenses that cost more than used BMWs. So what about the people in-between? You know, the people who want DSLR-quality pics, in a body that's only a little larger and slightly heavier than a point-and-shoot — the people who also want to have the freedom to attach different lenses to take artistic photos without having to drop $3,000 for a full-frame Canon 5D Mark II. There are cameras for the intermediate-level photographer or even the pro-photographer who wants to travel lightly, but still get great pics: a mirrorless camera. Cameras that won't drain your savings. Here's the newest and best of what's out there.
Somebody tell the retro-tastic Olympus E-P3 to step aside, because there's a new speed king ready to take the mirrorless camera throne: Nikon's J1 and V1. Nikon's quite possibly the second to last major camera maker to release a mirrorless camera system (Canon has yet to show any interest). The J1 and V1 are a pair of cameras with interchangeable lenses that sit between a high-end point and shoot and a heftier DSLR. Both are built like a tank and fire off shots so fast that you'll never have to double check to see if you captured your desired snap or not.
Dumping photos from your camera to your computer can be a pain, which is why wireless SD cards are pretty great. No cables! But Toshiba's new wireless SD card is the first that can also have your computer wirelessly send files to it as well.