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While some camera geeks are salivating over the possibilities of the new Nokia 808 PureView smartphone and its comparatively beefy 41-megapixel camera, researchers have recently unveiled a technique for capturing 50-gigapixel images, which they predict may hit the public in as little as five years.
Unless you're a camera nut (like me), most DSLRs will either look the same to you or are too expensive to even consider. Canon's new T4i camera attempts to differentiate by adding a touchscreen to make it easy for smartphone camera shooters to make the leap to a DSLR.
Here's an interesting concept from designer Brian Matanda: it's called Timeless Capture, and it wants you to be a little more dang sentimental about your photos. Timeless Capture automatically pushes your snaps to a married photo frame, so your memories are always on display. In fact, that's the only way to view them, as the camera as no LCD viewer of its own.