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HDR photography, like Apple just added to the iPhone with its latest iOS update, combines multiple shots taken at different exposures to create an image that more closely resembles what we see with our eyes. But that's never been done with video, until now. And the results are absolutely spectacular.
The entire entertainment industry sees 3D as the next big thing, but one issue holding it back is it's difficult to produce. Typically, you need to shoot footage with two different cameras (or at least two different lenses) simultaneously. Even with today's sophisticated systems, that's a tall order. But is there a way to get good 3D material from a single lens? One Canadian company says yes.
DSLR cameras are pretty bulky devices, what with their detachable lenses and serious image sensors. But not this one, the Mini Model Camera. It's just 1/6th the size of your standard DSLR. It even comes with a set of detachable lenses!
Last year, Fujifilm broke new ground with its FinePix W1, which had everything you needed to capture 3D video in a point-and-shoot camera. The follow-up model, the just-announced FinePix W3, upgrades the experience to HD, while also providing an easy way to watch your 3D flicks on a big screen.